About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a premium CrossFit facility that values community, makes fitness available to all and provides excellent services that lead to ultimate health.


We’ll achieve this by:

  • Cultivating a great community of support and a spirit of shared responsibility.
  • Showing members that fitness can be part of who they are and not a chore.
  • Create a inspiring exercise  environment
  • Offer a educated staff committed to studying and learning about the latest science of  fitness and health so that we can pass it on to you!

Our values:

  1. Generosity – No one can succeed without the generosity of others.
  2. Passion – We are passionate about our work as coaches. We love what we do and we seek to instill that passion in others.
  3. Humility – Humility is a hallmark of high character. We are humble so that everyone may feel welcome at our gym and within our community.
  4. integrity – honesty


Fitness – part of our identity
We want to see you move from viewing fitness as a chore to making it part of who you are.

More than a gym

We are more than a gym. We are a community of people passionate about fitness. We know each other’s names, and we notice and miss you when you are not there.

Committed to learning

We refuse to just simply do what everyone else does, or just to do what we did yesterday. We are committed to studying and learning about the latest science of fitness and health so that we can pass it on to you!

Always Different – Always Intense – Always Functional

At CFGY we look at the broad picture of fitness. We aim to increase your capacity in every area of fitness. There are 10 widely accepted components of fitness and when you come to our sessions you will be challenged in all 10. You can learn more about the 10 components on our Education page. Intensity is the key to seeing progress. Working with a group and against a clock in our always quantifiable sessions will see you working at high intensities for sure! Of course there will always be time for low intensity skill practice as well. Functionality is everything! It is essential that you are training movements that are demanded of you in everyday life. At CFGY there are no machines to sit in. You will be swinging, squatting, rowing, throwing, pushing and pulling, and you will love it! Functional movements challenge your core and teaches your muscles to work together. It is certainly the proven way to train for life.